About me (Impressum)

My name is Johanna Wehle. I was born in a placid little village named “Gangkofen” in Bavaria, Germany. I worked as a social worker and psychological counsellor for over 12 years. After several years of working as a specialist editor (social law and health care), I very successfully self-published the book „Home in a Bowl“ in 2015/16, a collection of portraits and childhood recipes of people having all kinds of cultural backgrounds. “Home in a Bowl“ has meanwhile become an association that is trying to bring people with different cultural backgrounds together through food, cooking and other cultural pleasures. I started my journey in the arts in 2013 as a member of the free theatre ensemble „bluespots productions“. I have been a freelance journalist and writer since 2016.

In this blog, I´m drawing on years of experience as a social work and counselling, it is my way of processing these experiences. I´d like people to use my experiences and those of my clients to unruffle their own way to a better life.

Johanna Wehle
Blumenstraße 15a
86152 Augsburg



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