Somebody once asked me…

How long is it normal to take healing after a traumatic experience?

Will I ever find myself? Will I ever stop and have found myself?

When I´m trying to see or understand myself I feel like I´m running into a wall, how can I break through?

How can you make jokes if you talk to somebody in pain or with serious problems?

I am good at creating things but have trouble with getting to that point, how can I control creative processes better?

How can one be not scared of dying?

How can we live in a world together with bad people?

What is wrong with mankind and how can we fix it?

Would you dare to tell this whole „everything has a good side“-thing to a person that has been raped, too?

Who gives you the right to say all these things as if they are the one truth?

What is a good belief?

Why is money evil, don´t we need it?

How can I find good things if I´m suffering?

How can we make this world better?

How can we deal with conflicts better?

What would you tell somebody that you love?

How can I deal with differently opinionated people better?

How can you say money is not directly proportional connected to work, where does the money come from then?

How can I become more confident about who/how I am?

...I really can´t change anything about the burdening circumstances that block my happiness for now, what can I do?

To be continued….