How can I deal with differently opinionated people better?

I don´t think differences are a bad thing, not even different opinions. Things get difficult when we rate them when we make one different thing better than die other.

Is a language right if it uses „th“ or if it uses „ß“? It is not more or less right, it´s just different but it might seem right if we are used to it and the thing we are unfamiliar with might seem wrong. To be less judgmental about things our emotions are a major factor, I think. Only an open heart can have an open mind and only a heart that is not scared, that doesn´t have to protect itself, can be open.

I don´t think it is a good idea to make everything the same. This is a world of duality, of variation. Differences, even conflicts, are chances to grow. I don´t think there was ever a time in human history where things have gotten broken up into such tiny units, things were so individualised. We have worked hard for that, it would make sense for us to celebrate it now. The thing is, duality and variation mean that there always has to be the „other side“ too. There has to be that side that doesn´t like whatever you like, those people for whom you are as wrong as they are for you. Even those people that don´t like variation or individualisation have to exist in variation and individualisation.

A thing that seems to help with opposing opinions is knowing one´s value. Everything holds a value, independently from what it does or doesn´t do, from whatever anybody else says or thinks about it. If you sit on an island alone, the only human there, picking your nose, doing nothing that seems to have value for any other being, you would still have value, a worth. And great worth and value too. It does not depend on your achievements in any way, existing alone gives you value. You fill a space in time like only you can fill it and how you fill it is exactly right. So does everything else. If you understood that, if you really know that about yourself, you will be able to see it in everyone and everything else. Even in the people that have a different opinion. If not, not.

We need tolerance as social beings, as societies. But remember that tolerance doesn´t start before there is something you don´t agree on. Tolerance does not mean agreeing on ideas you liked anyway. And it goes both ways, always. But what does it mean to be tolerant? Does it mean except all rude behaviour? Of course, it doesn´t. Even from a spiritual point of view it is not just loving your next as yourself, it also has to be loving yourself as your next. Tolerance to me is more of a promise, a promise of trying to open my heart as much as I can while still being aware of my needs and believes and while still wanting my needs met. That may not be an easy process but it opens the way for compromises. Compromises mean that I won´t get my needs fully met, but at least a part of it and so does the other person. There are limits to tolerance and compromise as human rights describe them. To fixate and protect these limits we need social systems like laws, courts etc. For now, we still need systems that regulate the conflicting needs and wants in a society, what makes it so dangerous and horrible when these systems are not neutral, not fair. Even if it is sometimes hard to find the right balance, if we want to evolve as a species we shouldn´t get lazy about widening our perspective by ourselves, not just let those important systems guide us. For that, every single one of us individually has to be as aware as possible, every moment, every day, no matter on which side we are standing on, inside and out. Being aware, perceptive and reflective will lead us to conflicts. As we handle them well, all these theses and antitheses, to evolution.

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