How can I find good things if I´m suffering?

I think it´s very understandable if we focus more on pain, more on the negative than on the positive. The pain, the negative is normally much louder. And I don´t think it´s a good idea, even if you could, to ignore pain or run away from it. Healing is a process, in which you will be closer to the bad side, to the suffering, for a long time before you get closer to the „better side“. Finding a way to direct your focus, your attention, is a good idea, especially for the first part of the process. Preferably to good things, even if it is just for brief moments.

The nature of pain

One way to find a bit of release is to understand the nature of suffering, of pain, itself. Pain, physical pain, for example, feels horrible. I think we can agree on that. But why is it happening? Is that your body getting you one over? Is it life or god or whatever you believe in having a horrible joke on your behalf? I doubt that. In my experience life doesn´t waste energy and even god would probably have more important things to do. Would you want your nervous system, which is responsible for your ability to feel pain, gone? Would you like to be one of does people that can´t feel pain due to a genetic defect? I don´t think you want that. We are calling it a defect for a reason. If you couldn´t feel the pain of a broken bone what would you do? You would step on it and I don´t think I have to describe the pretty horrible consequences that would have on your leg. So pain has an important function as the alarm system of your body. It tells you that something is wrong and that you need to do or need not do something to survive. I doubt that, if you’re to install an alarm system in your house, you would choose one that produces soft bird sounds in case something is wrong. Alarm systems are meant to sound horrible to make sure it gets your attention. It´s the same thing with pain, physical or mental. It´s supposed to feel horrible but that, actually, is a good thing.

So one first thing you could do when dealing with pains in any area is to stop blaming and hating your alarm system. Definitely stop just turning it off without also trying to figure out why it went off in the first place. Don´t just take drugs of any kind and carry on.

Mental suffering

Some teachings try to do the same thing with bad emotions and I had very good results with some of them. After all even emotions are body functions or at least include them. They are normally considered body functions that got interpreted by the mind, based on specific beliefs and memories. So bad emotions always also come from bad or negative beliefs and thoughts. If you are spiritual you could say that your good feeling is showing you your life path. If you don´t have anything to do with that you could see it that way: You are not aware of all the information that there is. Pretty much everything you have ever experienced is saved somewhere in your mind. Even the information you don´t know is not gone you just don´t know it with your rational thinking mind. Information you are unconscious about still has a part in the formation of your needs and wants. Your needs and wants form your actions and with that, your life situation and your future. Negative feelings show you that you don´t have what you want or that you don´t want what you have. That turned upside down: You can use your needs and wants and your negative feeling to figure out what informations you are not aware of. You can use it to figure out what is there in your mind but unconscious. If you know that you can consciously decide if that is who you want to be or have or not (anymore).

Where to go from there

I think it makes quite the difference if you see your body or mind as your enemy picking on you or if you see it as your friend trying to warn you, save you or work with you. A friend is a good thing so you found the first good thing, even if you are still in a bad place. Maybe there are even more things that you despised but that are really your friends or that you have simply overlooked.

When you see your body as your friend you can work with it towards your healing. At the orthopädic rehabilitation centre, I often heard the trainers tell the patients to work with the pain. Now that may sound sadistic at first but what they meant was: Train to the limits, not overstepping and not staying too far behind. And how can you know where the limits of your body are? By feeling it. And if it is pain you are feeling you know that something is too intense.

From the loud to the behind that

If you have come to terms with the pain, the loud part, you might find it easier to become conscious about the things that were covered by the loud part until now. Maybe you can find small things that are working, things that don´t hurt. Not hurting is better than hurting and from there maybe you can find things that feel OK or even a bit good etc. I think there is always something to be grateful for. And if it´s only that the world keeps spinning around the sun in perfect circles. If you think about it, in a universe of chaos, what is happing on earth is not so likely to happen. Yet life just keeps happening, just keeps on existing on this planet anyway. It´s crazy stuff, really. Or look back in time. Would you like to live in a time without running water just miraculously coming out of your sink? Without transportation, where you can get only as far as you can walk in a certain amount of time? There are always good things around, finding them is just a question of perspective. If you want a positive perspective try to think as positive as you can, even about the negative things.

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