How can one be not scared of dying?

First of all: I think it’s pretty normal and important that everything alive wants to stay alive. But there is a difference between trying to avoid death when it stares at you and being avoidant of the idea of death, suppressing it and push it away as good as we can. It´s the difference between surviving and running away from an inevitable part of this life experience and with that from life.
People tend to think it is easier to run away from the awareness of death but I think the opposite is the case. Running away from something, constantly suppressing some thought needs a lot of energy. That energy could be used for better things. I don´t think it makes us function better to be unconscious about death, even though a lot of people obviously think different, otherwise big parts of our economies wouldn´t flourish as they do. If we embrace that truth and find a way to be aware and in peace with death, life would become more valuable, relationships would become more valuable, everything we have, everything around us we could appreciate more.
So, how to make peace with the idea of dying? If I would take you to the future and you would see with your own eyes that you will: First of all not suffer, physically or mentally. Second of all your loved ones wouldn´t suffer either, grieve for some time yes, but not suffer and even find a new love for each other. Third, you could see that you will be remembered, that you have left something beautiful in this world so there has to be no fear of „just vanishing“ or „being meaningless“. And last of all that your body dies but your consciousness goes into a beautiful state or to a beautiful place. If you could see all of that, experience it, would you still be scared of dying? It would still suck but I don´t think there would be fear anymore.
And there you have it: Those are the fears we normally have around death, not so much the thing itself. If you want to be less or not scared of it you could try to face those fears and find solutions to them, practically through precautions or through working on (new) beliefs that will help you look to the end of your existence less scared. Especially the last question of what comes after I saw a lot of people struggle with. One problem I often saw was to allow oneself to believe whatever feels right to you, maybe even against the beliefs of the people around. That is hard, no doubt, but there is a right to believe whatever you feel like believing and I can only empathize that by repeating it, in the hope that it might strengthen your back a bit. The other thing I often heard was „what if it is wrong? What if I believe I go to heaven and that there isn´t one?“ That of cause works for any other belief just the same. What I would reply is: Then what? If your belief helped you have a more peaceful life, live richer, more fully and hopefully also have a more harmonious relationship with your environment, what would you have lost if it were wrong in the end? If you were to realise, shortly after your body died, that your consciousness vanishes, what would you think? „Damn I had a great life, lived a good life for myself and others but I was wrong about the details so it really all doesn´t matter“? I don´t think that would be the case. As long as you did your best, there wasn´t anything else you could do anyway because we just can´t know for sure what will happen. I believe with leaving this body and being able to see the even bigger picture of our life we won´t be so stupid to pick on details like that.

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