How can we make this world better?

Well, first figure out what you think is bad about it. Then find solutions. What is it you want different? What are you missing? If the answer is the environment is suffering, politicians are lying, there is so much suffering and so on, try to get more concrete about it.

From not wanting to doing

What is it in your life that you don´t want? What is it in your environment, your relationships etc? Maybe you don´t want your children to become sick because of the pollution or for them to die young. Maybe you fear becoming sick yourself. If you love animals you might want them to not be harmed or the beautiful nature around you to go bad. If you know what you don´t want, what you want to prevent, you can tell what you do want. For example, you want healthy children, a healthy you, healthy nature around you. And with knowing that you can ask yourself what you need or need to get rid of to make that happen. That might need some research but there will be suggestions for solutions to find for anything.

Help yourself

I think where people are tripping is when they feel like they can´t do anything, that they are helpless, when they think that there a bigger structures or systems that they themself don´t have any power over. If you tell me the plastic in your water is freaking you out, then I tell you to leave your city, move. Find a place where the water is not so polluted and a way to live there. Of course, you could, if you are kind, also inform your neighbours about that plastic in their water. I´m pretty sure they don´t want that either. And if you and your neighbours and their neighbours and theirs don´t want that, then you might want to inform your city about you all leaving because it will have a pretty wide effect on them. Send them a message saying „Hi, us, so far have paid all those taxes, keep the infrastructure alive etc. we are all leaving because of the polluted water. Good luck to you“. Of cause, you could consider sending them a message before you find a new place to live and give them the chance to change what is wrong. That by the way wouldn’t be sassy but normal authority-citizen-communication, what for some reason seem to happen less and less as far as I can tell. But more important: If you are all leaving, what stays?

Big evils

You see, people keep on talking about systems, like „the government“, „the economy“ even „the environment“, as if they were big bubbles far away from them, that they are outside of. Sometimes it sounds as they were big robots bossing them around. The truth is: If you have ever bought something in a store then you are „the economy“. If you are working somewhere, in some company, you are „the economy“. If you are breathing, eating or walking the earth you are „the environment“. And it´s the same with social systems: If you live in a city you are that city. But so is everyone around you and because of that there has to be communication, there has to compromise etc. But don´t think for one second that anyone but you and me is responsible if things are staying as bad if they are bad. And don´t start with everyone around you is evil and doesn´t care about their health or their children’s health or even your health, it is not true. Not the homeless person, not the frustrated employee and not the CEO of the big company. They are all exactly like you. But if you keep on believing they are ignorant, mean or evil you might make them be that. In sociology that is labelling theory, in psychology a self-fulfilling prophecy. Control what you can control, let go of what you can´t control, find the wisdom to choose the right one.

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