How can you make jokes if you talk to somebody in pain or with serious problems?

First of all: If I have ever been disrespectful about anybody’s situation I officially apologise, from the heart and very deeply. It is not my aim to offend anybody or diminish anybody’s suffering.
But true is also: Everbody has to decide themselves if they are feeling offended by what somebody else does or says. One can also choose to know who one is, no matter if others get it or not. I don´t mean to offend and that is an important factor because that´s what I can control, can decide, the rest is up to everybody else. That doesn´t mean it is ok to ignore peoples feelings and soft spots or even wounds. In case of a conflict, it is on me to reflect on what I said and how I could have said it differently for others to hear it. I don´t imagine a life where everybody hates me as the best version of what it could live. Yet I have to accept the boundaries of my control over what others hear or read or feel.
And even more true is: If I feel bad too, then that makes two people feeling bad and won´t help anybody. Yes, it is important to be understanding of peoples suffering but feeling bad, sad, angry myself too doesn´t help them. If I, on the other hand, stand beside them positive and optimistic then that will give them the chance to go to a lighter emotional place as well, even if it is just for a moment. Maybe to smile a little, laugh a little, light up a little. It gives both of us the chance to find that creative solution to the client’s problem we were looking for because connecting to creativity, a creative vibration, is a great deal harder sitting in a dark place. That lighter place is what everyone in darkness is searching for, to get there is what they all are trying to achieve. Inviting them to it, allowing them to be in it, I believe, is the greatest service I can do someone that is suffering. And if they can´t or yet can´t or don´t want to answer that invitation, then at least there is only one sad, angry or otherwise dark person on this planet for the moment, not two.

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