How can you say money is not directly proportional connected to work, where does the money come from then?

I don´t say that money is bad or that we shouldn´t try to get it, for example through work. But if work and money were directly connected the person that works the most would also have to be the richest. That is just not true. I know many people that work a lot and still barely have any money in their pockets. I also know a lot of people that don´t work very hard in comparison and have tons of money. They often even can´t help money rolling in, even if they are throwing it out as much as they can it just comes back.

Can´t you think of any other channel money comes in? What about heritages? What about winning the lottery or finding money on the street? In Germany you will find quite a few „bottle collectors“, people that collect the empty bottles others have thrown away and return them to the store to collect the pledge for these bottles. So much for „money doesn´t lie in the streets“ what is the german phrase for „money doesn´t grow on trees“. Money doesn´t equal work, even though work hopefully means money otherwise you are getting scammed, right? I wouldn´t even say that. As an Artist for example you often don´t get much money for what you have created, have produced. Other times you get a little money and if you are lucky sometimes you get quite a lot and things are getting balanced. Sometimes one meets nice people that let one stay in their beautiful houses in beautiful places, that to me is payment too.

I think what people mean is that work is the channel that feels the most reliable, the channel for money to come in most regularly, steadily. It feels like the channel that we are most in control of. My problem is that I have met too many people that believed in work and then got stripped of that idea by suddenly and unexpectedly losing their job. Some have gotten sick or the company that seemed so safe, made good money for so long, just got into financial troubles and they had to go etc. Regulations on losing your job are very strict in Germany but still, it happens. It seems like this feeling of control over money through work is very much an illusion. That by itself is not really a problem. most feelings of control are illusions, but necessary ones for us to function as social beings and members of societies. But if people are spending their days and live miserable, unhappy with where they are at and what they do then that illusion becomes the cause of suffering, very much like a sickness. Not to speak of the people that are physically hurting their bodies, using them up or even hurting their minds or hearts for their jobs, just to realise a view years down the line when they can´t work anymore because they have gotten sick, that this exchange of life energy and time for security is a way more limited contract then they thought. And yes, most societies have safety nets for unemployment etc. but believe me when I say you really don´t want to end up in one of these. I have seen how hard it is for people to look back after losing safety and trying to explain to themselves how they could have done that to themselves, to wonder what you did all that for.

I know, based on how things are right now we all need a certain amount of money to cover fixed costs like rent or health insurance etc. But there is a wide range between hurting yourself, breaking your back, getting as much money as you can, hating what you do and your life and not doing or wanting anything at all. Even though a view very smart people in history have suggested that wanting nothing might be a good idea so it´s maybe worth a thought or two.
Why not trying to find a new balance between work and life. Maybe reduce fixed costs a little by wondering how much we really need or even get creative with how we can gain a part of the money that we need in other, more joyful ways, in ways that already exist as jobs or by blazing our own trails. So that the money that comes from work is really worth it.

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