I am good at creating things but have trouble with getting to that point, how can I control creative processes better?

You can´t and why would you? Creative processes are made of controlling or active parts and passive parts. It is a dance of these two energies. It starts with clearing your mind and let an idea in, which is a passive process. Then it´s necessary to capture the idea, what is an active part. There goes connecting to your intuition to see what form this idea wants to manifest as, again a passive part. And at the end, there is the transformation of these ideas into something others can see, touch, smell and so on, which again is an active part.
I don´t think it is possible to leave either of these dual energies out. I´m very much certain that it is a dual universe we live in, a material universe and matter needs duality. If you would take one part out completely things would fall apart. So you can´t.
And even if it would be possible, why would you want to get rid of the passive ones? I don´t think it´s to optimise the process, the process seems pretty perfect to me. If you what the passive parts out then probably because you have a problem with being passive. What a wonderful possibility for you to face your fears and wounds in this regard, overcome them and grow as a soul.
Control what you can control, let go of what you can´t control, find the wisdom to choose the right one of these, and, if you have to, find the heart to forgive that part that has hurt or disappointed you in the past so you can choose freely and more wisely.

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