What is wrong with mankind and how can we fix it?

Actually, I don’t think there is anything wrong with mankind. Things are changing but that´s what they always do. And there is good and there is bad, both needed, both equally important…

Point of view

If you think there is something wrong you probably have an idea of how it should be instead. That means you either remember something you would consider better than what you see in the here and now or you have the gift of imagination and can dream of a better future. That´s good, both. You won´t change things back to what they were and whatever you dream of will have downsides too but I think it´s important to have people that have ideas and want to change things. Just as it is important to have people that are trying to keep the status quo going. Duality and balance.

Changing structures

As a species, as societies, I think we just finished or are just about to finish our last big chapter of separation. Of smashing things that had the form of big blocks up into smaller and smaller pieces. We did that because big blocks lack flexibility. And because something always has to change. Now that we are (almost) done, we see that the new structure has its own challenges like problems of disconnection, problems with communication, with seeing the bigger picture etc. Now you can say it was a mistake smashing the big structures into smaller ones, but it was necessary for the moment, for development. You can say it would be better in the future to make it different, chance the structure again like for example building small flexible units. But don´t think that the new structure will not have its challenges, it will. So will the next new structure and the next and the next.

Being mankind

We will always have to deal with what is in front of us now and by us dealing we will change. Living things change, that´s what being alive is about. And our systems change with us. They are made of us, of cause they change alongside with us. I don´t think there is anything wrong with mankind. We just are.

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