What is wrong with mankind?

Actually, I don’t think there is anything wrong with us. Things are changing but they always do. Things are staying the same, they always do that too. And there is good and there is bad, both needed, both equally important. There is kind of good and kind of bad, not bad at all and blessings in disguise. What is a blessing for one person is normally really bad for somebody or something else. Seems like perfectly organised chaos to me, in a nutshell, „life“.

If you think there is something wrong you probably have an idea of how you want it different. That again means you either remember something that seemed better from the past or you have the rare gift of imagination. That’s good, both, fight for it, just don’t lose sight of what you actually wanted to achieve, your original values and hopes. Things won´t get back to what they were but it´s important to have people that are trying to keep the status quo. Change has no meaning if it doesn´t become a tradition and all traditions once were new, once were a change. If you are a dreamer like me, be assured that your dream will cut both ways too once they have come true. But I think it´s still important to have people that dream and want to change things. Duality and balance, life at its finest.

As a species, as societies, I think we just finished or are about to finish our last big chapter of separation of smashing big societal blocks into smaller and smaller pieces. We did that because the blocks lacked flexibility and it was justified, it was a good idea. Now that we are (almost) done, we discover the challenges of the new structure, like problems of disconnection, with communication, with seeing the bigger picture etc. and we find solutions.

We can ponder on how much of a mistake it was smashing those big structures, but it was necessary at the moment, for that particular part of our development. Wanting to keep things the same, however, does make sense, at least for a while. Everything new needs to unfold, grow and sort itself out. That takes time, that takes these new things to stay and not change again instantly, to become traditions.
We can ponder on how to make it better again from where we are now, like creating more flexible big units. But don´t assume that the structure will be perfect then. It will have its very own challenges again, for sure. So will the next new structure and the next and the next.

Mabey the ability to zoom in and out on our stand in these games of humanity would be a helpful tool to not despair on its infinity.
We will always have to deal with what is right in front of us now. What we consider good and worthy to be preserved and what we consider bad and needing to be changed. But there is a higher perspective that shows how all sides are needed and justified. I´m not suggesting that we forget about our opinions, that we all become the same. I very much support the idea of being opinionated, as you can see. Humanity would be pretty dull without pluralism but it can be a pretty frustrating thing to witness. I think what makes a big difference is letting our unalloyed striving to dissolve contrast drive us to despair or also seeing the beauty in contrast. It’s the difference between experiencing ourselves in a war against others, under attack and preparing for counterattack or if we are playing a game with others. Humanity is made of us, and all of our difference and equity. I don´t think there is anything wrong with us. We simply are.

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