Who gives you the right to say all these things as if they are the one truth?

The highest principle.
No? That is not supposed to give me that right? Then who is, you? Nobody else in the world has the right to decide what is true or not, but you. That doesn´t seem very reasonable to me.
Or is it some kind of institution that you think should give or denial me permission to say things. An institution should first give me a certificate, an institution that has the authority over what is right or wrong. Tell me which one you are thinking about and I bet I can give you two other institutions that preach the opposite and insist that they have the truth and the authority.
You misunderstood me. I´m not telling the truth I am telling my truth. And I invite you and everyone else to see what your intuition says about it. To see if it feels like there is truth in it for you too or not.
In fact, I don´t want anybody to just believe anything I say. I also don´t want anybody to disregard my opinion on principle.
And why would you not at least read it? What do you have to lose by trying my thoughts on and see if they fit you? The final decision on what to believe is always yours anyway. Even if you wanted you couldn’t give up that responsibility. The decision to give up responsibility alone would keep you responsible for whatever happens after.

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