Would you dare to tell this whole „everything has a good side“-thing to a person that has been raped, too?

I´m very touched that you care so much about victims of Sexual Assault and Violence. I assume that you do because if you don´t you would be using traumatized, hurt and abused people to win an argument and for your personal gain, a horrible thing to do, it beggars description.

What to do when there is nothing to do

If I could I would prevent such horrible things from happing to anyone, past, present and future. If I can´t prevent it from happening I would like to at least soothe that people´s pain a little by offering words of confidence and reassurance. That will not make the experience go away, it will not even make the process of healing shorter or easier. But it may support the person in the process by lifting their spirits, if only for a moment.

Words of confidence

To a person that has been to such a terrible injustice, I would say congratulations! Congratulations on being alive, congratulations on surviving because that is what you are, a survivor. That alone shows you have unbelievable strength in you. I hope you know that and I hope you hear that and get treated like the hero that you are, much like a war hero really, every day by everyone around you. Please don´t forget that recovering and healing is a process, a development that is made of steps. The first steps will always be closer to hurt and pain than to the healing but that doesn´t mean that you are not healing, that there isn´t any progress.

Mythological support

I always had a thing for the figure of Persephone in Greek mythology. Not because I would like to share here ordeal of being abducted by Hades, god of the underworld, ending up having to marry him and live at least one half of the year down there as the queen of the underworld. Certainly not a fate I´m jealous of. But since she couldn´t help having that as her fate, not being able to change anything about it, she became an important guide for souls in their journey through the underworld. Again, nothing I would recommend as a career goal. But if there is nothing we can do, really nothing, it seems wise to at least make the best out of that.

Raising your head

What I would like to emphasize is that Persephone was a queen. And so are you. No? You don´t believe me? It doesn´t feel like that? No, it does not, at least not while you are still healing. And yes, healing, being healed, is very possible. Not to go back and be the old you, but being healed definitely is. And if you did, if you made your way through hell, what could ever stop you again? What could they do to you? Send you through hell? You have been there, you know the way back. In fact, you have a lovely little cottage there, right beside the river Styx, it´s f* cosy in winter, so let them come at you. Whatever they do you will know how to bounce back, how to heal, how to get out of there again. And you will not just get back but you will get back stronger and wiser, automatically. You might even get back with the key to their destruction in your hand. Because after all, it was them that did wrong, not you and most societies have systems in-store to adjust wronged things.

Future possibilities

If you want to (only if you want to, there is no obligation) you could become a guide through the underworld yourself. A guide and helper for all those that have been sent to a horrible emotional place by using whatever you would consider a talent of yours. Of cause that could be counselling in the classic sense but that also could be any form of expression that meets and raises peoples hearts and minds. Like any form of art or performance or anything that touches the sense like cooking or gardening or closing etc. Even if it helps just a little bit or just for a minute. I think you know how valuable it still is in a dark place. And being a helper of cause could mean making an effort trying to protect people from becoming victims or at least restructuring unfair systems in terms of punishment. If you want to.

Last but not least

But in all that there is one thing that I want you to never forget and always, under any substances, remember, you are not a victim. You are a person that has been a victim of a horrible crime but you are not just that but so much more. Don´t forget to focus on the person part that you are as much as you can. Because as a person you are pure potential, you are not limited to the role of a victim even though you can make use of all the rights that you have in your role as a victim at any time. You have my love and trust, you will make it.

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